BU Connection

Embedded in a world-class research university, Boston University Academy offers an unparalleled secondary school experience. It’s an intellectual community buzzing with lectures, lab discoveries, gallery openings, and performances — as well as collaboration with professors.

All bbin娱乐平台 upperclassmen take courses at BU for college credit and research a thesis with a university professor prior to graduation. Juniors typically enroll in two University classes per semester, while seniors may take as many as four per semester. Boston University Academy’s rigorous core curriculum builds the pathway into these advanced studies.

In the past five years, bbin娱乐平台 students have taken:

  • 2,689 classes at BU
  • 462 unique courses
  • in 63 different departments and interdisciplinary programs

Boston University Courses

When it comes time to choose courses at the University, there are over 2,000 open to bbin娱乐平台 students. From Cognitive Neurology, to Introduction to Global Health, to Masterpieces of Japanese Literature, to Linear Algebra, if a student is passionate about something, he or she will be able to pursue it here. University coursework is essential to a bbin娱乐平台 education, and the active partnership we maintain with Boston University offers one-of-a-kind possibilities.